Friday, April 17, 2009

Meray Paas Paas - The sequel

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It is the first sequel to be made of any serial shown in Pakistan to date. It picks up from where Meray Paas Paas left off and goes into the next generation. For those who dont know, Meray Paas Paas starred Nadia Jamil as Emaan, and Deepak Perwani in his debut performance as Adil. The story revolved around the couple that was happily married until Emaan got pregnant. Adil left his wife because he felt her pregnancy got in the way of his ambitions and got involved with someone else. Meanwhile, Shariq (Moammer Rana) who was Emaans neighbour and loved her, befriended her throughout and they got married. Emaan gave birth to a daughter, Anna, and later to Shariqs son, Faraz. The play ended with the couple happily married and on good terms with Adil, who is allowed visiting rights to see his daughter. MPP - TS begins with this happy relationship and with Emaan expecting her third child - Shariqs second. However, Emaan and the baby die during delivery, leaving behind a shattered Shariq. He dotes on his kids, but Adil soon shows up to take custody of his daughter and whisks her off to the US so she cannot meet her step-father. Anna (Sarwat Gilani) grows up with a lot of unanswered questions and returns to Pakistan after ten years. On coming to Karachi she happens to meet Shariq without knowing his true identity, and misinterprets his deep love for her. Ali (Imran Abbas) is in love with Anna, but he too, cannot understand Shariqs feelings for her. Meanwhile, Alis aunt, Neha (Zee Q) develops feelings for Shariq and befriends him through his depression. To find out what happens to these love-lost, anguished souls, lookout for Meray Paas Paas - The Sequel.

: Deepak Perwani, Moammar Rana, Nadiya Jameel, Sarwat Gillani, Zainab Qayyum, Imran Abbas, Ayesha Khan, Nauman Habib
Director: Misbah Khalid
Producer: Moomal Productions
Writer: Samira Fazal

Drama The Ghost on Hum Tv

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An eerie serial that leaves you engrossed till the very last scene. Ghost revolves around Hassan who had been happily married – or so he thought – to Ayeza until she divorces him ten years after their marriage. A broken man, he goes off to England to forget his ex-wife and there comes upon an old castle owned by Mrs Marina. He also meets Sanya and her daughter, and becomes close to them, and also discovers about the life of Danial and Sara. As he stumbles on one discovery after another, he finds that all is not what it seems.

Producer: Momina Duraid
Director: Baber Jawed.
Writer: Umaira Ahmed
Cast: Faisal Quraishi (Hassan), Nadia Jameel (Haiza), Asif Raza Mir (Office Col.), Rehan Shaikh, Samina Pirzada, Ismail Bashi, Savera Nadeem, Zimmel (Child Art), Murad

Drama Chaudhwee ka Chand

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A half hour special play.

Producer: Momina Duraid

Writer: Faiza Iftikhar

Director: Hiassam Hussain

Cast: Sanam Baloch, Danish Taimur, Shakeel, Qavi Khan, Agha Shiraz, Asmat Zaidi, Mani, Ishita

Drama Aur Zindagi Badalti Hai

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This play, shot mostly in Spain, revolves around Isra (Sania Saeed) who leads a happy life in Pakistan, where she lives with her ailing father. Umair (Saif ul Hassan), the doctor of Isra’s father, falls in love with Isra, and on her father’s insistance, she agrees to get engaged to him. The story takes a turn when Isra discovers, at the death of her father, about a step-sister, Anna (Nadia Jameel) who lives in Spain. Isra goes to Spain to meet her and there also comes across Anna’s mother’s good friend, Lalee (Sakeena Sammoon) and her brother, Zain (Humayun Saeed), as well as Shaheryar (Faisal Rehman) who Anna loves, and Bash, (Shabbir Jan). Complications arise when Isra and Zain develop feelings for each other. Watch how the lives of all the key characters change when hatred and greed take over all other emotions, resulting in disastrous actions.

Directed by: Mehreen Jabbar Produced by: Sultana Siddiqui
Written by: Nasreen Rehman

Cast : Sania Saeed, Nadia Jamil, Faisal Rehman, Humayun Saeed, Sakina Samoon, Shabbir Jan, Saif Hassan, Masood Zia, Sultana Zafar, Mehroz Karim, Adil Wadia, Zeenat Mangi, Shehenshah Zaidi